About …

Dr. Mohammed Ali Alkandari
Assistant Professor
Computer Department
Public Authority for Applied Education and Training


Photography as a hobby started many years back during my MSc studies. However, I currently focus on Wild Life photography and humanitarian aid photography projects as I covered many projects in the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, as well as African aid projects in Djibouti and Tanzania. I participated in many exhibitions and photography contests and hold more than 120 International awards in more than 20 counties, of which are:


  • First place in Nasser bin Hamad photography contest in Bahrain.


  • Gold medal in Super Circuit photography contest in Austria.
  • First place and gold medal in photo contest championship in Austria.
  • FIAP bronze medal in Al-Thani Photography contest in Qatar.


  • FIAP Gold medal and best of show photo in the Man and Nature photo contest in Austria.
  • FIAP Gold medal in 35th Northern countries International salon of photography in England.
  • FIAP gold medal in Bon Voyage photography photo contest in Bulgaria.
  • UPI Gold Medal and Artfoto bronze medal in 1st International exhibition of art photography in Bosnia.
  • UPI Gold medal and FIAP Bronze medal in 6th Finland International Digital Circuit.
  • UPI Gold medal in Adriatic Grand Exhibition in USA.
  • PSA Gold medal in 1st international salon (shadow) in Serbia.
  • PSA Gold medal and UPI Gold medal in the 2nd RTANJ digital circuit in Serbia.
  • PSA Gold medal in the 2nd Olympic photo circuit in Greece.
  • PSA Gold medal in the 6th Cung AI International salon of photography in Canada.
  • FIAP Silver medal in 3rd Global Photo Salon in Hungary.
  • Salon Gold medal in 3rd Danube exhibition in Serbia.
  • Salon Gold medal in the 49th international Exhibition of photography in USA.
  • Salon Gold and Silver medals in 1st International salon of Photography in Montenegro.
  • Salon Gold medal in 7th International contest of photography in Slovenia.
  • Salon Gold medal in Corsica Grand Exhibition in USA.
  • Salon Gold medal in the 11th AC-Foto german mega circuit in Germany.
  • Juries Prize in Framing Have Peace International Photo Contest in Turkey Organized by The Journalists and writers foundation Intercultural Dialogue Platform.